As some of you may recall, I was very upset about a book in a continuing series I follow because of the cover it was to have. The posts about this cover can be found here and here. (Note: if you look at the first post, you can see the previous covers to see what they have been like up to now.)

And, just to refresh your memories or show you for the first time the cover I detest, here it is:

But today the author, Lauren Willig, posted something on her website about a change to the cover. This is what she wrote:

ORCHID AFFAIR has a new cover!
“After the equivocal response to the last cover, my publisher went back to the drawing board for The Orchid Affair.”

And, now, here is the new Orchid Affair cover:

I love this new cover for many reasons, mostly because 1) it is more consistent with the rest of the series and 2) it doesn’t look like some sleezy romance (no offense meant, romance readers), but still gives the hint of a little romance within (at least, to me it does).


One thought on “COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!

  1. Jinny says:

    I’ve never heard of this series, but I do prefer the new (second) cover. As a person who knows nothing about the series, if I saw the first image, I would have concluded that the book is some sort of cheesy romance novel :S (Not that I have anything against romance novels, I just don’t really read them).

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