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As some of you RBC-ers might remember, there is a thread in the book forum called “Where Have You Been in Books?” (you might not recall, however,  that I began this thread 🙂 ) On this thread, we discussed the locations of our various books; if nothing else, we just said where we currently were in our reads.

While browsing Shannon’s list of bookish blogs, I came upon another blog I never seen before: Book Journey. It was Book Journey’s blog that brought to light a lovely way of recording where books take us, using Google Maps. I (essentially) stole this idea from her, and for that I greatly thank her.

I know have, on my sidebar, right beneath my blogroll, it says “Where I’ve Been in Books” with a picture of a globe underneath. If you click on the picture of the globe, it will take you to a map that looks, pretty much, like this:

If you see nothing in the map, try clicking the zoom out button on the left a bunch and it should show you the map. For some reason, it loves to come up as fully zoomed in (which is very stupid).

I think this is so cool! It shows you in a more physical way where you’ve been 😀

(PS- There is a list to the side, if you actually go to the map at Google Maps, that names the title and lets you click on them to see what pin goes with the title.)


5 thoughts on “new addition to my blog

  1. Carmen says:

    Oh! That is a very nice idea!!

  2. Shannon says:

    That IS a great idea! I should try it … just need a spare few hours … 😉

    • Kristie says:

      Haha I had a whole day of nothing to do yesterday. So that’s why I did a bunch of book stuff. (I updated my list of my personal books by going through all of them and recording them on my computer–not too hard since I have just under 200 books 🙂 )

      • Shannon says:

        It’s good you catalogued them now – they wont be 200 books for long!

        I’m going to sort my fiction books by year – you’ve inspired me and made m curious, though it’s going to take a while because I’ll have to physically pull them off the shelves and record their original publication year one by one – not many people would consider this fun but I do! 😀 Maybe when I’ve done that I’ll do the mapping one.

      • Kristie says:

        Well good luck! My shelves are organized in a really weird way. Maybe I’ll do a post about them. I think I have some new people looking at my blog since I may have last updated how I organize 🙂

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