resolution for 2011 #3 (getting ahead of myself? a little…)

Browsing around some bookish blogs, I stumbled upon one I had not been to before, Fizzy Thoughts. I found a post from a few months ago concerning a World Party Challenge that Fizzy Thoughts had set up (and pulled out of, not liking challenges that lasted for a whole year). But I looked into this World Party Challenge to see what it was.

Essentially, the idea was to read a book, fiction or non-fiction, set in a specified country (that is not the US) every month. This ended up being a challenge to read books concerning 12 different countries  throughout the year. So, I thought a similar idea would make a great resolution.

As I don’t like to overlap books (meaning I don’t like them counting towards more than one resolution), I decided to shoot for reading books from 6 countries, hoping to read more. I’m even using Fizzy Thought’s list of countries to choose from.

So, in 2011, I need to read books about at least 6 of the following countries (I’m not specifying a country to a month, as I don’t plan on discussing them like the original challenge):

  • Ireland
  • England
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Cambodia
  • any sovereign Native American tribe
  • Rwanda
  • Liberia
  • France
  • a communist country, past or present

I am calling this my Travel the Globe Resolution.


5 thoughts on “resolution for 2011 #3 (getting ahead of myself? a little…)

  1. Shannon says:

    Do you mind if I jump on your globe-trot? I was really enjoying this challenge but I would never be able to finish it by myself. I’d love to team up with you if I may! 🙂

    I’ve already done Liberia, Rwanda, France and China – I’d love to see what you read for these! (My list is here if you want to see.)

    • Kristie says:

      Sure thing! I was planning on waiting until 2011 since I still have a few challenges/resolutions for 2010. Is that okay with you? And, since I am hoping to do at least 6, maybe we can pick 6 countries from the list that you haven’t already done–unless you have another book from those countries you’d like to read 🙂

      • Shannon says:

        Sounds good to me! Gives me some time to catch-up on the other challenges!

        I’d pick New Zealand, Cambodia, Turkey, India, Ireland and “any sovereign Native American tribe” – though, if you wanted to pick different countries that’s fine with me too 🙂

      • Kristie says:

        That sounds great to me! Since we’ll be doing this together, I guess we should assign countries for the months (we could go every other month), but we can do that closer to the starting point. We could even do them in the order you listed them, for all I care 🙂

      • Shannon says:

        I don’t mind either 🙂 But assigning them to months, yes, that would help me not to procrastinate!

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