fiction vs. non-fiction

I’ve been keeping track of all of the books I’ve read during 2010 in a word document (among other places). I have also been keeping track of how many authors are new to me, how many are recurring authors, and what genre the books fit in (to name just a few). As a result, I have realized that the only books I have read so far this year are fiction.

I love fiction! I get to live vicariously through characters that way. While many of the books I read are fiction, I especially love historical fiction, which give some non-fiction-like information. I just can’t believe that I haven’t read any non-fiction this year!

As a result, I have already thought of a 2011 New Year’s Resolution I want to do: READ MORE NON-FICTION!! And I have a further stipulation to this resolution: I will read 5 memoirs/biographies/autobiographies (you get the idea) and 5 other non-fiction books, for a grand total of 10 non-fiction.

The reason I am separating it like this is because there are about 3-4 memoirs/biographies I have been meaning to read for awhile and I have a feeling if I just say 5 non-fiction books, I will spend the majority of my time reading memoirs/biographies. So I made it into two sub-categories. Plus, it won’t be hard for me to read 5 other non-fiction works because I love history, so I’ll probably be reading books about that sort of stuff 🙂

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