If I want to travel, I read. If I travel, I still read.

I’m leaving for a week-long vacation on Saturday. I’m making my annual 5-hour drive up to my family’s cottage in the very backwoods of Michigan–truly, the GPS says house numbers on the street the cottage is on are unavailable 😀 Our cottage is on a lake, but, while I like swimming and having fun in the water, I don’t do it all day.

So, taking a pile of books along are in order. You should see the bag of books I have. I’m taking a mixture of my personal library and some from the public library, and even some magazines. Here’s a list:

My Books
The Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams
Tender is the Night by F Scott Fitzgerald
Warriors Don’t Cry by Melva Pattilo Beals
The Spanish Bride by Laurien Gardner

Library Books
Jennifer Government by Max Barry
The Secret River by Kate Grenville

3/4 back issues of American History (for the nerd in me)
July 2010 Cosmo (for the relationship-girl in me)
July 2010 Self (for the recently-trying-to-better-myself-physically-person in me)


By no means do I believe I can or do I intend to attempt to read all of these. The purpose of bringing all of them, as you book-lovers must understand, is to have a variety for when I do finish one. Who knows what you’ll want to read next? I do intend to read Island Beneath the Sea first and probably Jennifer Government after that. But who knows what I’ll feel like after the first. I think I’ll probably read 2 of these, 3 would be a stretch. And, of course, it really also depends on how much I like the books.

I’ll post about these when I’m home on July 5th (no Internet at the cottage). And we’ll just have to wait and see how long that post ends up being.


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