We Have Always Lived in the Castle RBC Post #3 (Ch. 7-10) SPOILERS

This is my last RBC discussion board post for the book We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I will include a more in-depth review of it, with no spoilers, after this post. As before, this is my initial post, not including other discussants posts and my responses to them or their responses to me. For that, you will have to click here to go to the discussion board thread.

The first thing I have to say is: “I WAS RIGHT!” I’m so proud of myself that I predicted something right in a somewhat mysterious novel. Merricat was the one who poisoned the family. Although, along with this, I wonder, “Why?” Merricat did recollect something about her mother (I think) telling the other relatives in the house that Merricat was not to be punished, especially sent to bed without her supper. This leads me to believe that Merricat was sort of treated like a princess and then she thought she was special, too. But then, what did she do that caused the family members to punish her, resulting in a revenge sort of action?

Finding out that Merricat did kill the family just gives me more questions that went unanswered. Merricat clearly states that she didn’t want to hurt Constance when she talks about how she knew Constance didn’t eat sugar. Another question that came about at the end of the novel is, “What now?” What happens when the book ends? It’s very open ended.

I really liked this book. It was a little creepy. I find the sort of crazy-talk that Merricat has sort of creepy, especially because it tells me she is not all there in the head. And a crazy murderer is always creepy, to me. And it was just an interesting novel all around. I wanted it to go on and answer more questions, but that leaves it up to me, as the reader, to add my own sort of ending for Merricat and Constance.

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