recently started: Genesis by Bernard Beckett

Yesterday, I started reading Genesis by Bernard Beckett. I first heard about it from Michelle who had recently added it to her own TBR pile. It is a futuristic novel. It is not set too far into the future, as far as I can tell so far–maybe in the 2300s at the latest. Anaximander, the main character, speaks of 2075 as being awhile ago. Which leads me to believe it is maybe only a few hundred years later.

Anyway, I have always liked these futuristic novels, such as The Giver and Anthem. I cannot tell as of yet if this book is to be a dystopic novel, like those two I just mentioned. We shall see. I really like it so far. It goes quickly and is a short book, so I don’t foresee it taking me long to finish.

3 thoughts on “recently started: Genesis by Bernard Beckett

  1. Michelle says:

    Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Bookaddict says:

    I have this one on my wishlist too. It looks really good. Hope you enjoy it!

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