this just in…

As I was browsing around some book-ish blogs, I stumbled upon a book that I think I will love, for various reasons. On Jennifer’s “Read Book Montage” on her blog, I found Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella.

Reasons I know I will like this book:
1) I have read 5 books by Sophie Kinsella and loved them all (I did, however, not enjoy the one I read, written under a different name, Madeleine Wickham)
2) I LOVE the 1920s
3) What Sophie Kinsella wrote about it and how she wrote it makes it sound great.
4) I think I will need a light read while teaching, as Sophie Kinsella’s books usually are (that’s not to say they’re fluff, but they are definitely easy to read)

So thank you, Jennifer, for having this somewhere on your blog that I stumbled across 😀 I will read it ASAP


2 thoughts on “this just in…

  1. peterwaffles says:

    Wao, thanks for the recomendation. Have a great afternoon and thanks for sharing.

  2. Bookaddict says:

    Hope you enjoy it! I really loved it.

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